Live TV Fixture Change Commitment From EFL And Sky

The EFL and broadcast partner Sky Sports have again committed to give clubs and supporters at least five weeks’ notice ahead of any EFL League matches being selected for live television coverage.  

As part of the agreement, the EFL will publicly announce any fixture changes within three working days of their selection (following club consideration) in order to give EFL supporters as much time as is possible to allow for any alterations to travel plans that may be required. 

If both the EFL and Sky Sports are unable to meet this timeframe then the clubs involved have the ability to choose not to be broadcast live on television. However, if both clubs mutually agree to the rescheduling of the fixture within this five-week period then the game will be televised on the new date. 

The only televised games to have so far been announced are those on the league’s opening weekend – Boro’s trip to Wolves has not been selected for live coverage.  

TV Selection Dates 2017/18 (Illustrative but subject to a five-week minimum notice commitment):

• Clubs notified of selections for remainder of August by 28 June, 2017

• Clubs notified of selections for September by 14 July

• Clubs notified of selections for 7 October to 11 November by 25 August

• Clubs notified of selections for 18 November to 9 December by 29 September

• Clubs notified of selections for 16 December to 13 January by 3 November

• Clubs notified of selections for 20 January to 3 February by 8 December

• Clubs notified of selections for 10 February to 3 March by 29 December 

• Clubs notified of selections for 10 March to 31 March by 19 January 

From 23 February, a minimum five-week rolling selection commences for matches up to and including the penultimate weekend:

• Clubs notified of selections for the final day made following the completion of the penultimate round of matches

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